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Week of June 11, 2017

Our actions this week come straight from wall-of-us.org (www.wall-of.us.org)

Action 1: Get the deets on impeachment

To impeach or not to impeach, that is the question. Lordy, Comey’s testimony this week got all-of-us all a-flutter about impeachment. But is it the best long-term strategy for our cause? We don’t have the answer for you quite yet. Like many of you, we are on the fence--mostly because impeachment leads to a President Pence (shudder). So let’s hold up, and study up, on the impeachment process. This week we will talk to our resistance allies, do our own research, hear your feedback, and get back to you. Here’s what all-of-us can do this week:
1. Wrap our brains around the process of impeachment. Check out Indivisible’s guide on impeachment.
2. Read Robert Reich’s position, who thinks we should go for it now.
3. Um, not so fast. Check out the argument on the other side of the coin.
4. Thanks for those of you who emailed us about impeachment this week--keep sharing your opinions with us at contact@wall-of-us.org.

Action 2: Stop Mitch McConnell from depriving millions of healthcare

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, sneaky Mitch McConnell began the procedure Wednesday for fast-tracking Trumpcare to get it to the floor with minimum transparency and maximum pressure. But our allies at the Center for American Progress are on it. Topher Spiro, Senior Fellow broke it down -- here are the millions of Americans who would lose their coverage under the Senate’s lipstick-on-a-pig of a revised bill:

  • 5.3 million in waiver states
  • 4.3 million people age 55-64
  • 5.4 million on Medicaid expansion
  • 1 million elderly on Medicaid 

All-of-us must make sure that doesn’t happen.
Here’s how:
1. Use this Trump toolkit to call and tweet at senators in key states. (10 minutes)
2. Retweet this and share it with your friends in targeted states. (3 minutes): https://twitter.com/jonfavs?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.wall-of-us.org%2Fweekly-acts-of-resistance%2F2017%2F6%2F11%2Faction-2-stop-mitch-mcconnell-from-depriving-millions-of-healthcare
3. Sign this petition from our friends at DailyKos. (1 minute)  
4. Follow @TopherSpiro for up to date intel on healthcare. (1 minute)


As scary as Trump's deportation machine is (and getting scarier, recently extending to DACAyouth), allies are coming together at schools, churches, and community locations around the country to stand in solidarity with their undocumented neighbors, friends, and family members. The California Values Act (SB 54) would keep immigrant families together by limiting the use of state and local resources from engaging in deportations and sets a model for the rest of the nation. This week all-of-us must love our neighbors and ally with local groups, support state efforts, and take coordinated action in support of World Refugee Day on June 20.
Here’s how:
1. WALL-OF-US has joined forces with other organizations to build a map of local immigration advocacy groups. If you know about a local group that serves immigrants add it to this map.
2. [FOR SUBSCRIBERS IN CALIFORNIA] Support the California Values Act, which has passed the California Senate, by calling your California Assemblymember. Use this script:
“Hello, my name is _________ and I live in _______ I would like ask Assemblymember _________ to vote YES on the California Values Act, SB 54. The bill will ensure that state and local resources are not
used to further mass deportations and separate families. The California Values Act will uphold
our core principles of equal treatment, community, and compassion. Say NO to Trump’s mass
deportation programs, please vote YES on SB 54. Thank you."
3. [FOR ALL OR AT LEAST THOSE OUTSIDE OF CA] Take action to stand with refugees by texting “STAND” to 313131 to get reminders to contact your rep and make sure they know you support the welcoming of refugees.

ACTION 4: Keep the fight up for John Ossoff!

Ready for some good news? While we’ve been focused on impeachment, things have been going peachy keen for Ossoff in Georgia! After the Tuesday debate, Ossoff emerged the victor against climate-change-denying and Planned-Parenthood-defunding Handel.  The polls rewarded him with a 7 point lead post-debate. But don’t pour the bubbly just yet, because his lead means Republicans are going to start pouring money and time to elect Handel. All-of-us must keep our sleeves rolled up until the June 20th election.
Here’s how: 
1. Sign up to host or attend a “Call Your Ossoff” party.
2. Support the final stretch of this race by donating to Ossoff’s campaign.


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Week of May 14

This week's actions come from Wall of Us: https://www.wall-of-us.org

ACTION 1: Action 1: Educate Ourselves on the Options for Investigating Trump’s Ties to Russia

This has been another frenzied week and there is a lot of information being thrown around as everyone scrambles to stake out a position on Trump’s firing of James Comey, the FBI Director who was overseeing the criminal investigation into the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia. We learned that Trump tried to get Comey to commit his loyalty to him--but when it was clear that Comey don’t play that, Trump canned him.

Let’s begin by clearing up the basics--here is a resource with answers to questions that all-of-us have been asking.

ACTION 2: Action 2: Demand That the Senate Checks the Imbalanced President

Now that you have read Action 1 (and know what’s what about Comey and Russia), you are ready to call your two senators. The goal is to convince your senators to refuse to cooperate on any senate business until the GOP agrees to form an independent investigation.

Before you call, you should know your senator’s position. Luckily, you don’t even have to do the research -- we’ve already done it for you, and incorporated the info into your new personalized page on our beta website. Once you log-in, you’ll see your senators’ responses to Trump’s firing of Comey.

Your calls will be more impactful if you understand where your senators stand. We don’t want to waste your time (or your senators’ time, if they are Democrats that is) asking for things that they have already done. With six months of resistance under our belts, we just can’t play the rookie card anymore. It is time to make our activism more informed and more strategic. The fate of our democracy depends on all-of-us taking targeted action.

Here’s how:

1. Log in or create a new account to see your senators’ positions (click on "full profile" for each senator). If you can't login let us know, and see where your senators' stand in this NYT article.

2. Use this script, which can be modified based on your senator’s position on the issue.

3. If you have updated information email: contact@wall-of-us.org.

ACTION 3: Action 3: Rethink the Power of the Petition

We all need broccoli. It’s nutrient filled and good for you.

But sometimes we just want candy.

We ask you to do a lot of broccoli activism: contact your Members of Congress, show up at a town hall meeting, go to a march, phone bank. Candy activism, like signing a petition, goes down a little easier sometimes. And it feels deliciously gratifying to see the hundreds of thousands of other names on that list.

But as sweetly easy as they are, petitions make a real difference. Petitions can send a signal of public opinion to a decision maker, tell the media there is enough public attention to do a story, build a list of people who are interested in an issue, spur additional action, and raise money.

Americans have a long history of using petitions to resist. More petitions were sent to Congress in 1837 to 1839 (most of these relating to anti-slavery) than ever before or ever since. Women not only signed these petitions in greater numbers, they also canvassed petitions with amazing energy, getting far more signatures than men did. A few years later, new antislavery chapters and parties started exactly where petitions had been signed a few years earlier.

Short and sweet, but also healthy for our democracy, petitions are an essential staple of a well-balanced resistance diet. Here’s how all-of-us can leverage petitions this week:

1. Sign this petition and this one from our allies at the Daily Kos (a leading voice for grassroots activists since 2002) to demand action on Russia.

ACTION 4: Action 4: Resist with Quist

The best way to resist the Trump agenda is to take control of Congress, and we don’t have to wait until 2018 to start. You know that special election in Montana on May 23? Well, Democrat candidate Rob Quist is closing in on his billionaire Republican opponent; it is now a single digit race. And that poll was conducted before Trump’s Tuesday massacre!

That’s why we are partnering with our friends at Swing Left to help us resist by getting Quist into the House.

Rob Quist, a country singer, made Montanans a promise in his campaign song when he said, “stand with me and I will stand up for you”. We need more stand-up guys like Quist who will stand down bullies like Trump. All-of-us must stand with Quist.

Here’s how:

1. Watch Quist pull his guitar (and your heart) strings as he plays his campaign song, “I will stand up for you”. 

2. Learn about where Quist stands on the issues.

3. Now get ready to Swing Left: find a phone bank party near you, or host one!

4. Staying under your covers 'til the Trump nightmare is over? We get it. But you can still phone bank for Quist using the Democracy for America Hubdialer.

5. Support others by donating to Quist’s campaign.

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