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June 23rd - July 7th

Action 1: Fight for the re-unification of migrant families

Listing of immigrant child detention centers, by state

Immigration Resources:

Map of where migrant children are being held across the country:

Keep Families Together Act:

Day of Action at West County Detention Facility: June 26 from 7am - 7pm.  West County Detention Center at 5555 Giant Highway, Richmond, CA 94806. Event details

Families Belong Together: Attend a June 30th event. 

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to Jul 29

Week of July 22 - July 29


Due to public interest and requests for additional time, NOAA will formally accept comments on the review of national marine sanctuaries through August 14. Let the administration know that our ocean needs more protection, not less.

MAIL POSTCARDS BY August 7, and be sure to include the ID docket number. You may submit comments, identified by docket ID NOAA-NOS-2017-0066, to:

E.O. 13795 Review
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Silver Spring Metro Campus Building 4 (SSMC4), Eleventh Floor
1305 East-West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910

SEND ELECTRONIC COMMENTS by August 14 (extended):



- Thank our Senators for standing strong against ACA repeal.
- Use Trumpcare Ten toolkit:
- Text Red State folks using Rapid Resist
Thank you to Peter Lee and Covered California for planning ahead to protect our healthcare in our home state: 

Covered California
P.O. Box 989725
West Sacramento, CA


The following actions all come straight from Wall Of Us  

ACTION 1: Down with Trumpcare 

Et tu, Mike Lee and Jerry Morgan? Methinks the drama amongst Republicans in Washington has reached Shakespearean proportions. Monday night these two Republican senators dealt the deathblow to Mitch McConnell’s bill to repeal and replace the ACA. Democrats momentarily cheered across the land! But, wait! Is that Mitch we see rising from the carnage on Tuesday, shrieking “repeal and delay?!” A truly frightening sight. Hark, here come the fair maidens from Alaska, West Virginia and Maine to quell him

Enter the Donald stage left Wednesday, ordering senators to stay in Washington until they pass a bill to repeal and replace the ACA. The saga continued late into Wednesday night, as a cohort of Republican senators conspired behind closed doors to find the yet illusive consensus. And yet, an impasse

But the reality is that this is not a stage, and 32 million Americans stand to lose their healthcare. Repeal and delay is a reckless move which is far worse than the revised bill we fought off last week. Let’s make sure that this true story has a happy ending. 

Here’s how: 

  1. Read this article and study up on what the bill would do. 
  2. Find your Facebook friends in ten key states by using this tool  from our friends at Indivisible. 
  3. Attend the Our Lives On the Line - Day of Action & Bus Tour on July 29. Here are details for the DC event and state events. Bus route is here. Email if you have folks who want to plug into any stops.
  4. Call your senators. Use the scripts below. 

Call Dianne Feinstein: (202) 224-3841
SCRIPT: "I am calling to thank Senator Feinstein for standing firm against the Senate’s healthcare bill, our opposition worked to stop the bill! Of course, now the GOP wants to repeal and delay, which would immediately impact millions of Americans. I am calling to ask Senator Feinstein to fight back even harder against this bill. I have also learned that Senator Feinstein can stop this bill from being passed by filing an unlimited number of amendments as part of the reconciliation process. I hope that Senator Feinstein is prepared to protect the health of his/her constituents by using all the strategies available."

Call Kamala Harris: (202) 224-3553
SCRIPT: "I am calling to thank Senator Harris for standing firm against the Senate’s healthcare bill, our opposition worked to stop the bill! Of course, now the GOP wants to repeal and delay, which would immediately impact millions of Americans. I am calling to ask Senator Harris to fight back even harder against this bill. I have also learned that Senator Harris can stop this bill from being passed by filing an unlimited number of amendments as part of the reconciliation process. I hope that Senator Harris is prepared to protect the health of his/her constituents by using all the strategies available."

ACTION 2: stop devos from taking protections away from victims of sexual assault

Is anyone surprised that the Trump Administration doesn’t care about victims of sexual assault? This week we saw another example of that when Education Secretary Betsy Devos proposed to eliminate protections for survivors of sexual assault on college campuses that were implemented under President Obama. Despite the fact that 23% of college students experience sexual assault or violence on campus, DeVos is justifying her elimination of these protections on the theory that sometimes the accused are innocent. Of course, the punishment of anycrime faces that risk. DeVos’ outsized concern for those accused of assault has caused the attorneys general of 20 states to urge DeVos to keep the protections in place. We must make sure other states follow this lead.

Here’s how:

  1. Read the letter.
  2. Call your attorney general. Use the script below.

Call CA Attorney General (916) 445-9555
SCRIPT: "I am calling to thank Attorney General Becerra for signing the letter in response to Betsy Devos’ proposal to eliminate protections for survivors of sexual assault on college campuses. Attorney General Becerra’s support of these victims is an example of true leadership. Will Attorney General Becerra consider posting his/her letter on his/her social media so that I can share it widely?"

ACTION 3: Gear up to fight against the house GOP budget

The House GOP unveiled its budget this week and it is just as ugly as Trump’s budget released last May--it steals from the working class and poor to give massive tax cuts to the rich. Specifically, the House GOP budget proposes to freeze pell grants to college students, take funding from people with disabilities, and eliminate funding for environmental clean-up of toxic waste sites. It isn’t time to call your Representatives just yet, but we can’t kick back either. We need to start preparing to resist this budget now.

Here’s how:

  1. Study up on what Trump’s budget does to your state or district, prepared by our friends at the Center for American Progress.
  1. Help the Center for American Progress fight this budget by sharing your personal story about how the budget would impact you or your family.
  2. Share the Center for American Progress’ Hands Off Campaign on social media.

ACTION 4: Stick with love

Partisanship and division are at an all time high in America, and the spirit of love, understanding, and civil discourse seems gone. All-of-us must do our part to stand in unity, engage with our communities, and show our love for our country. 

Join our partner LoveArmy this summer to resist with love + power. The Summer of Love and Resistance is 10 weeks of teach-ins, actions and events to ground you in the skills, values, and ideas you need to fight different. Their first teach in, hosted by Van Jones with Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza and award winning filmmaker Valarie Kaur, centered on the theme of love as resistance. So let’s make this the summer of love. 

Here's how: 

  1. Sign up for the Love Army to learn about the history of the progressive movement and find new strategies to unite and create change through radical love.


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to May 20

Week of May 14

This week's actions come from Wall of Us:

ACTION 1: Action 1: Educate Ourselves on the Options for Investigating Trump’s Ties to Russia

This has been another frenzied week and there is a lot of information being thrown around as everyone scrambles to stake out a position on Trump’s firing of James Comey, the FBI Director who was overseeing the criminal investigation into the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia. We learned that Trump tried to get Comey to commit his loyalty to him--but when it was clear that Comey don’t play that, Trump canned him.

Let’s begin by clearing up the basics--here is a resource with answers to questions that all-of-us have been asking.

ACTION 2: Action 2: Demand That the Senate Checks the Imbalanced President

Now that you have read Action 1 (and know what’s what about Comey and Russia), you are ready to call your two senators. The goal is to convince your senators to refuse to cooperate on any senate business until the GOP agrees to form an independent investigation.

Before you call, you should know your senator’s position. Luckily, you don’t even have to do the research -- we’ve already done it for you, and incorporated the info into your new personalized page on our beta website. Once you log-in, you’ll see your senators’ responses to Trump’s firing of Comey.

Your calls will be more impactful if you understand where your senators stand. We don’t want to waste your time (or your senators’ time, if they are Democrats that is) asking for things that they have already done. With six months of resistance under our belts, we just can’t play the rookie card anymore. It is time to make our activism more informed and more strategic. The fate of our democracy depends on all-of-us taking targeted action.

Here’s how:

1. Log in or create a new account to see your senators’ positions (click on "full profile" for each senator). If you can't login let us know, and see where your senators' stand in this NYT article.

2. Use this script, which can be modified based on your senator’s position on the issue.

3. If you have updated information email:

ACTION 3: Action 3: Rethink the Power of the Petition

We all need broccoli. It’s nutrient filled and good for you.

But sometimes we just want candy.

We ask you to do a lot of broccoli activism: contact your Members of Congress, show up at a town hall meeting, go to a march, phone bank. Candy activism, like signing a petition, goes down a little easier sometimes. And it feels deliciously gratifying to see the hundreds of thousands of other names on that list.

But as sweetly easy as they are, petitions make a real difference. Petitions can send a signal of public opinion to a decision maker, tell the media there is enough public attention to do a story, build a list of people who are interested in an issue, spur additional action, and raise money.

Americans have a long history of using petitions to resist. More petitions were sent to Congress in 1837 to 1839 (most of these relating to anti-slavery) than ever before or ever since. Women not only signed these petitions in greater numbers, they also canvassed petitions with amazing energy, getting far more signatures than men did. A few years later, new antislavery chapters and parties started exactly where petitions had been signed a few years earlier.

Short and sweet, but also healthy for our democracy, petitions are an essential staple of a well-balanced resistance diet. Here’s how all-of-us can leverage petitions this week:

1. Sign this petition and this one from our allies at the Daily Kos (a leading voice for grassroots activists since 2002) to demand action on Russia.

ACTION 4: Action 4: Resist with Quist

The best way to resist the Trump agenda is to take control of Congress, and we don’t have to wait until 2018 to start. You know that special election in Montana on May 23? Well, Democrat candidate Rob Quist is closing in on his billionaire Republican opponent; it is now a single digit race. And that poll was conducted before Trump’s Tuesday massacre!

That’s why we are partnering with our friends at Swing Left to help us resist by getting Quist into the House.

Rob Quist, a country singer, made Montanans a promise in his campaign song when he said, “stand with me and I will stand up for you”. We need more stand-up guys like Quist who will stand down bullies like Trump. All-of-us must stand with Quist.

Here’s how:

1. Watch Quist pull his guitar (and your heart) strings as he plays his campaign song, “I will stand up for you”. 

2. Learn about where Quist stands on the issues.

3. Now get ready to Swing Left: find a phone bank party near you, or host one!

4. Staying under your covers 'til the Trump nightmare is over? We get it. But you can still phone bank for Quist using the Democracy for America Hubdialer.

5. Support others by donating to Quist’s campaign.

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