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Week of April 30, 2017

ACTION 1: Postcards to Protect Our California National Monuments

BACKGROUND: "Call to Action:  (The) ... executive order issued by Donald J. Trump is the start of an all-out assault on America’s national monuments. This attack threatens our national parks and monuments. We need your help! The executive order calls for a review to be done by Secretary Ryan Zinke. This executive order provides Secretary Zinke with the power to decide any reason he deems appropriate..." -- Call to Action from Alt National Park Services. What does this mean? These National Monuments will no longer be protected and could be sold off to private businesses. There are 5 National Monuments in California. These beautiful parks will be open for mining, drilling, fracking or cutting down trees. TIMBERRrrrrr! Goodbye, Giant Sequoia, where the oldest trees in our state live.


WHAT TO DO: Write the Member of Congress who represents the district where the National Monument in California is located. Find MoC under each National Monument listed below:

Dear Rep. ___:

Our National Monuments are our treasures. Save NAME OF MONUMENTS from drilling, mining and lumber businesses. We visit from all over the country.

Closing these monuments will lose tourist revenue for your constituents.

Yours truly,


Rep, Paul Cook
14955 Dale Evans Parkway
Apple Valley Town Hall
Apple Valley, CA 92307

Rep. Jared Huffman
P.O. Box 2208
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
Phone:(707) 671-7449
Fax: (707) 962-0905



Rep, Kevin McCarthy
4100 Empire Drive
Suite 150
Bakersfield, CA 93309


ACTION 2: Call and write Secretary of the Interior  


WHAT TO SAY: Demand that Secretary Zinke to protect our national monuments and not remove Bears Ears National Monument or any other national monument from its current protection

Secretary Ryan Zinke
Department of Interior
1849 C Street, N.W.
Washington DC 20240
Phone: (202) 208-7351


ACTION 3: Lodge complaint regarding Scott Pruitt's violation of the Hatch Act

Scott Pruitt is using his Federal position as head of the EPA to raise money for the Oklahoma GOP, in violation of the Hatch Act. He is the featured guest speaker on the OKGOP gala invite (May 5th, 2017), and his accomplishments touted include rolling back clean water rules, calling for an exit from the Paris Agreement, slashing regulations, and decreasing the size of the EPA. The Office of Special Counsel handles violations of the Hatch Act. Complaints can be filed on their website ( via fax:

Office of Special Counsel
1730 M Street
Suite 218
Washington, DC 20036
Fax: (202) 254-3700: 

OKGOP Gala Invite:

**NOTE: As of this writing, the above link is not working. Keep trying or do what I did - file your complaint by both Fax and postal mail.


ACTION 4: Speak out about Dow Chemical's unethical and undue influence on Trump

US Office of Government Ethics
Mr. Walter Shaub, Director
1201 New York Ave NW
Suite 500
Washington DC 20005

Dow Chemical donated 1 million to Trump's inauguration:

Dow Chemical pushing trump to ignore pesticide studies:


ACTION 5: Call for a special commission to investigate Trump's ties to Russia

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has it in his power to approve a special prosecutor or commission, but has yet to do so. 

Contact the Department of Justice by phone or postal mail to say that you are part of the 58% of Americans who want an independent commission to investigate Trump's ties to Russia. The current four investigations are compromised, as is the credibility of the Attorney General. An independent investigation is needed to restore confidence and find the truth.

US Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001
Comment Line: (202) 353-1555
Main Switchboard: (202) 514-2000
Contact form via website


ACTION 6: Card of thanks to Senator Blumenthal

BACKGROUND:  "The President of the United States should work for us – and only us. Yet President Trump has refused to address the numerous conflicts of interest stemming from his business ties and staff dealings, despite the enormous risks they pose to our interests at home and abroad. That’s why this morning, I joined my colleagues in the Senate and House to demand an impartial investigation into the Trump administration’s unprecedented conflicts of interest. It’s time to treat this urgent matter with the seriousness it demands." - Senator Dick Blumenthal (Connecticut, democrat)

Senator Dick Blumenthal
90 State House Square
Hartford, CT






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