click to send email or video to your reps

Using your location, the 5 Calls app provides phone numbers and scripts so calling your members of Congress and the House of Representatives is quick and easy. 

Contact Info for all Members of Congress

This page on our site includes address and contact information for all Senate Committees, and their members (including links to their websites). 


The Countable app and site are civic engagement platforms and that give users the ability to vote “yea” or “nay” for a legislation when logged in though Facebook or via email. The app automatically generates a message and passes it over to their Congressional representatives. Countable offers the ability to record a 30-second video message to elected officials that allows citizens to collaborate with elected representatives, and to find unbiased information on the legislation or any other critical issue.

Postcards to voters

Postcards to Voters Text the word Hello to 1-484-ASK-ABBY (1-484-275-2229) and follow instructions.

Postcards for Voters in California 

Postcards for America: California The PersonToPerson platform is used by Postcards4CA to make it easy for volunteers to send mail to voters in a targeted fashion. It is ideal for situations where an organization wants to distribute mailing addresses across many volunteers.

The Action Network

The Action Network is a nonprofit, user-driven model, we've built the most powerful, accessible, intuitive, and full-featured online mobilization toolset on the market -- and it's just for progressives!


Resistbot turns your text messages into daily letters to Congress— in the simplest and easiest way possible. 


Reach your reps via Twitter! Twitter handles for all members of Congress

Wall of Us

Wall of Us delivers four timely, concrete, acts of resistance each week, via email and their website. 

fax zero

Send faxes for free in the U.S. or Canada via IPhone or computer using Fax Zero.