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Student Debt Protest (College Campuses Everywhere)

This march is to be held at every college campus. Shut down the campus, in a non-violent manner. Block parking lots. Have a sit-in on the major areas of your campus. Student debt is out of control.  No one should not go to college just because they cannot afford it. We all have a right to a basic college degree, without a college degree citizens of this country get left behind.  It is time for the government to look out for its citizens.  We are asking for the federal government to give us debt-free bachelor's degree.  We want the government to "eat" the college debt currently out there.  "Eating" the debt will free the young generation to buy and spend freely if not our economy will suffer greatly from a generation that cannot stimulate the economy.  It is the only way.

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Emergency Protest - Comey Firing (San Francisco)

  • 1 Post Street San Francisco, CA 94104-5201 (map)
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We must sound the alarm. Last night, Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, who was leading an open criminal investigation into Trump's possible collusion with Russia to sway the November election and it's a terrifying last straw.

MoveOn members, allies, and Americans of all walks of life are converging on district Senate offices all across the country at 5:00 p.m. local time to make some noise until we get the truth about Trump and his cadre of advisors and their web of financial and foreign entanglements.

Our ask: Congress must establish an independent commission to investigate Trump. (One that he can't fire!)

Invite family and friends join you.
Bring pots. Bang pans. Honk horns.

Bring signs. Be visible.

Use the hashtag #ComeyGate to send out pictures, videos, and Facebook Live footage. Make sure to tag @MoveOn and our team will amplify your good work to make sure your members of Congress see the outrage of their constituents.

By choosing to attend this event, you are acknowledging the risks involved, and you are committing to participate non-violently and in accordance with the law, and to work to de-escalate confrontations with opposing persons or others. You agree (i) not to engage in any act of violence or violation of any applicable law and (ii) to obey the orders of authorized event marshals and law enforcement authorities.

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Mothers Fighting Together for Housing and Shelter

1 in 25 public school children are homeless. The city forces children and pregnant women to stay on the streets just to get a shelter bed! They have not provided enough dignified, affordable housing to families; we demand 500 housing subsidies, 2 new shelters, and a halt to forcing families to stay on the streets to access shelter! Join us as we celebrate Mother's Day and fight for housing and human rights!

Questions? Contact Miguel at or (415)346-3740x319

1 en cada 25 niños en las escuelas públicas son desamparados (sin techo). La ciudad empuja a los niños y las mujeres embarazadas, se quedan en las calles solo por obtener una cama del refugio. No han proporcionado suficiente vivienda digna y económica para las familias; demandamos 500 subsidios, y 2 nuebos shelters y parar empujar a las familias que se quedan en la calle que pueden accesar refugio.

Preguntas? Contactar a Miguel de o (415)346-3740x319

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Protest Trumpcare (Oakland)

Trumpcare just passed in the house and it is a significant threat to millions of Americans. This bill will remove access to healthcare for millions, and by functionally removing coverage for pre-existing conditions (which would include C-sections and rape), it is a death sentence for thousands. 

This bill also will set the stage for the 100’s of billions Trump is set to hand to the rich with his corporate tax cut. This bill does nothing but drastically increase inequality in the US at our expense and for the benefit of Trump’s billionaire friends. 

Meanwhile, a majority of Americans support single-payer healthcare. Make no mistake, we COULD win single-payer with a sustained mass movement on the ground. The women’s march set the tone for Trump’s presidency, making it clear that any vicious attack would face real resistance on the ground. The airport occupations prevented Trump from enacting his “Muslim ban”. We need a mass movement of working people to demand:

* NO to Trumpcare! We need single-payer! Pass SB 562, and TAX THE RICH to pay for it!
* NO to Trump’s corporate tax cuts, no more hand-outs to billionaires!
* NO to ICE raids and scapegoating of immigrants!
* Defend and extend access to reproductive healthcare!
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Fight the Hate: Protest in the Sunset (San Francisco)

Believe it or not, there's a anti-LGBT hate group that's active right here in San Francisco. Please join us Wednesday, May 3 to protest The Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) -- which has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for spreading lies and fear about the LGBT community. 

Now PJI is turning its sights on medical marijuana -- spreading the false fear that dispensaries are a danger to children. Last month their activists intimidated and shut down a community meeting here in SF. (Read about it here:

Please don't let them do it again. You don't have to go to Mississippi to fight a hate group. Take a stand right here in San Francisco:

Wednesday, May 3 at 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.
Outside The Ortega Branch Library:
3223 Ortega Street (at 39th Ave.)

Kids and families welcome. Bring signs or make one with the materials we'll have on hand.


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