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Women For Forests: Online Training For Women for Climate Justice

Join WECAN International on APRIL 3rd for 'Women For Forests' - the first session in our series of 2019 Online Education & Advocacy Trainings For Women For Climate Justice!

ABOUT: Women from across the world are exposing the intertwined root causes of forest destruction, gender injustice, and economic domination. They are rising up to protect vital forests ecosystems from deforestation, agribusiness, and a host of other threats. Through their work, they are protecting irreplaceable biodiversity and the sources of community life and livelihoods, while also spearheading efforts that sequester massive amounts of carbon, and thus help mitigate against the worst effects of global climate change. 

During the ‘Women For Forests’ training, we will explore various topics including: resistance efforts by Indigenous women in Brazil to protect the Amazon; inspiring examples of women planting trees and regenerating damaged lands in the Democratic Republic of Congo; efforts to protect the Tongass rainforest in Alaska; international forest policy that respects the rights of Indigenous Peoples and addresses root causes of forest loss; and other stories and lessons from women’s work to stand for global forests.

As part of WECAN International’s commitment to a climate justice framework, this training will not promote any of the false solutions often associated with climate-forest programs, including carbon offsets and other market mechanisms. Rather, speakers will focus on the grassroots, community-driven, and rights-based strategies and solutions being demonstrated by women around the world.

WHEN: Wednesday April 3rd, 2019 at 11:00am PST/ 2:00pm EST (US time zones, please check your own time zone to participate.)

WHERE: This training will be hosted via Zoom, a free program similar to Skype. Check back for call-in information.