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CEOs vs Workers: Live Town Hall on Corporate Power

Hosted by TYT Network and 2 others

The average cashier at McDonald's would have to work for 895 years to make what the company's CEO makes in one year. Disney's CEO gets over $400 million in compensation while Disneyland workers can't afford three meals a day. Amazon's CEO is the wealthiest man in the world while thousands of Amazon workers rely on public assistance to make ends meet. The United States is the richest country in the history of the world, and yet due to outrageous levels of inequality there are millions of workers who live in poverty or can barely get by. 

Sen. Bernie Sanders has invited CEOs and workers from four major corporations—Amazon, Disney, McDonald's and Walmart—to hold a conversation on corporate power in America and how to move forward to create an economy that works for all people, not just a few at the top. The town hall will be presented in partnership with digital media outlets, Good Jobs Nation, NowThis, TYT Network, Guardian US, ATTN: and Free Speech TV, The Nation Magazine, CREDO Mobile and MoveOn. 

TO WATCH ONLINE: Go to at 7 PM EST on July 16th.