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Sister District SF Brunch with Sean Bowie

  • 251 5th Avenue San Francisco, CA, 94118 United States (map)

Come one, come all, to a special Sister District Brunch where you can meet Arizona State Senator, Sean Bowie!

As Sister District volunteers, Ivan Rhudick and Jill Alvarez are hosting a fundraising on Sunday, June 10 for our first 2018 candidate.


Sean is running for re-election, after becoming the firstDemocrat to ever win his district! Now, the AZ GOP are targeting his race. That’s why we’re fundraising for Sean Bowie. He's a young, first-term incumbent in AZ’s State Senate whose top priority is education - he's worked to reduce class size and increase funding for teachers' salaries in a state ranked 49th in teacher pay. He's also fought to expand Social Security and roll back giveaways to corporations/special interests. And he's pushed to expand healthcare access, too. Republicans have been advancing their agenda through states for years -- think Kansas’ tax experiment (and failure), the North Carolina transgender bathroom bill, and the abhorrent Ohio abortion bill. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!


Don’t miss this chance to meet Sean, some great Sister District volunteers, and enjoy Jill's excellent cooking!