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Press Conference: #NoJusticeNoDeal (San Francisco)

  • San Francisco City Hall (map)

Whether they're blocking a use-of-force policy that respects our dignity, or defaming Colin Kaepernick for taking a knee, the SF Police Officer's Association (POA) is the biggest obstacle to police reform in San Francisco. Over the years, we’ve paid our officers among the highest salaries in the country and, in return, we deserve a professional police force that reflects our values. Police violence, racist and homophobic texts, and rape scandals are not consistent with what we hold most dear.

On Tuesday, February 27, the Board of Supervisors will go into closed session to discuss the POA's labor contract now under negotiation. In the past, such negotiations have taken place behind closed doors with no input from the community. But not this time! This time we will be heard! The new contract must ensure the POA stops blocking urgent police reforms in SF!
Join community and faith leaders of the #NoJusticeNoDeal Coalition to demand a new POA contract that reflects our values.

Hosted by No Justice No Deal