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Deport Ice: The Resolution to End Cooperation With Ice (Oakland)

  • Oakland City Hall Oakland, CA 94612 (map)

Hosted by The Day We Fight Back and 8 others

Oakland's Public Safety Committee will debate a resolution from Desley Brooks, Rebecca Kaplan and Noel Gallo to end all Oakland Police Department cooperation with ICE, after assistance in an August 16 raid violated the city's sanctuary policy.

Video Samples from the November 28 hearing on the ICE Raid

On August 16, HSI/ICE conducted an AM raid on the 700th block of 27th Street in West Oakland with OPD assistance. The raid was advertised (erroneously) as a search warrant for the sexual trafficking of juveniles, biut there were no actual allegations of sexual abuse, no juveniles were removed from the home and the solitary arrest was for being undocumented. The 25 year old arrestee is now in the deportation process. At an October 5th investigation and hearing that the OPD Chief did not attend, Oakland's Privacy Commission concluded that the raid violated Oakland's sanctuary city policy and several statements made by OPD chief Anne Kirkpatrick about the raid were false.

Video of the OPAC hearing is here.

East Bay Express coverage is here:

City Council members Desley Brooks, Rebecca Kaplan and Noel Gallo have now initiated legislation to end the sanctuary loophole but need our help to get it through the full Council. 

Oaklanders and other Bay Area residents who want sanctuary legislation taken seriously around the Bay should attend.