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Resist AHCA - Photo Campaign (San Francisco)

  • civic center san francisco, CA (map)

For millions of Americans, the repeal of Obamacare and passing of the G.O.P Healthcare Bill is literally life or death. After failing twice from lack of support, a revised American Health Care Act bill has been passed in the House. The updated bill overhauls the current subsidy-based system, and removes protections for those with “pre-existing conditions” including but not limited to folx who are or have had: 

- Survivors of sexual violence
- Mental health disorders
- Pregnant womxn
- Folx with diabetes
- Heart disease
- Genetic conditions
- Injuries
- Epilepsy
- Cancer

The bill passed by a narrow margin of 217-213,however, the bill still needs to face the Senate.

CALL TO ACTION: Please join us in resisting tf out of this bill and sharing how you are affected, what this means to you or your loved ones this Sunday at 11 am.

We will be at Civic Center with whiteboards, markers, and cameras. Come share your experiences and stand in solidarity with the over 24 million Americans who will lose health coverage under the AHCA. If you consent, we will share your pictures and stories with elected officials

We stand with survivors of sexual violence and folx with mental health priorities and will not tolerate an administration that perpetuates victim blaming and stigmatization of mental health.

*If you’re not comfortable with showing your face, we can take a picture of the sign and simply share your story

*** This is not a protest or march. This is a photo campaign with an action plan to follow***

*****More details to come*****