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SF Coal Divestment Farce! Come Out! (San Francisco)

  • 1145 Market Street, 6th floor San Francisco, CA (map)

UPDATE: Agenda is out and we're up early-ish! Show up at 2:30 and sign up to speak on ITEM 8. SFERS is right by Civic Center BART. We'll be there to help with signing up and forming comments.
Outrage! The Retirement Board approved divestment from coal back in December 2015—a milestone that took years of our work. Then they delayed for a year and a half. On Wednesday, they will finally vote to implement the coal divestment they approved...BUT after all this time, they are planning to divest **just 0.9% of their coal holdings.** Not even a percent!

They are divesting $446,183 from a paltry two companies, while leaving $47,670,398 invested in coal that destroys communities and the pension fund. They actually hold more coal investments now than they did when they voted to divest it!

Over four years after the Board of Supervisors requested SFERS divest from all fossil fuels within a five-year period, they are now just getting rid of 1/1000th of their fossil fuels. We don't have time to wait for the other 999/1000ths! We need to be there to tell them THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.