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Populism, Racism, and Civil Liberties (Berkeley)

  • St. John's Presbyterian Church 2727 College Avenue Berkeley, CA, 94705 United States (map)


What are the driving forces behind the far right populist movement? How much is economics, frustration with current politicians? How is racism interwoven into the fears and desires of the right? How do we resist a slide toward fascism and protect and enhance civil liberties?
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Ronald Robles Sundstrom is the Philosophy Department Chair; additionally, he teaches for USF's African American Studies program and the Master of Public Affairs program for the Leo T. McCarthy Center of Public Service and the Common Good. His areas of research include political theory, critical social and race theory, and African American and Asian American philosophy. Among his publications: The Browning of America and The Evasion of Social Justice, and "Frederick Douglass." The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
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Tifanni Marie Johnson (Ph.D. Candidate UC Berkeley) is the Co-director of H2O Productions, a multi-faceted urban youth arts program. Additionally, she continues as Director of Student Life and an academic advisor at San Francisco’s Leadership High School, where she practices and studies the use of critical pedagogy in urban schools. She pursued Education in her undergraduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley and continued her research within San Francisco State’s Equity & Social Justice graduate program. Johnson’s research spans the areas of schooling and curriculum change, teacher development and retention, critical pedagogy, cultural and ethnic studies and arts.
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William Sullivan is Senior Scholar at the New American Colleges and Universities. He was formerly Senior Scholar at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

His is co-author of the highly acclaimed study of American civil society – Habits of the Heart and the Good Society.
His is most recent book is Liberal Learning as a Quest for Purpose.
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The 2nd in a series on the American crisis in civil liberties and the role of religion ... co-sponsored by