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Be Prepared: Best Practices for risking arrest in the Trump era


Conference call: (641) 715-3580, Access code: 609621

Join Indivisible activists for a conference call about understanding your legal rights when engaging in protests.
Facilitator: Erica Etelson
Presenter: Rachel Lederman, civil rights attorney and National Lawyers Guild member
- What law enforcement agencies have jurisdiction over actions that occur at district offices of members of Congress?
- How to prepare for an action that includes potential arrest (legal coordinator, legal observers, jail support, etc.)
- Who should avoid getting arrested and why
- What to bring/not bring to site of potential arrest
- Rights of arrestees
- Recommended conduct while in custody (do's and don'ts)
- Arrest and post-arrest procedures (e.g. warning to disperse, reading of rights, transfer to jail, citing out, etc)
- What to expect as far as prosecution
- Options for free legal defense