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Local Ballott in San Luis Obispo County, CA

  • Property owners within the boundaries of the proposed Shandon-San Juan Water District—in San Luis Obispo County—will decide  Measure A-17, a ballot question about whether or not to form the new district, and will elect board members for the district. Only property owners are allowed to vote in this election, and one vote will be allocated for each acre owned. In other words, property owners with more land will be able to cast more votes on the measure. Water districts are primarily created to "acquire, plan, construct, maintain, improve, operate, and keep in repair the necessary works for the production, storage, transmission, and distribution of water for irrigation, domestic, industrial, and municipal purposes, and any drainage or reclamation works." Funding for the activities of water districts comes partly through a special parcel tax—a kind of property tax based on units of property rather than assessed value.