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An Insider's View on VA: Sister District and Tom Parriello (San Mateo)

An evening with Tom Perriello, former Virginia Congessman and candidate for Governor in support of the Sister District Project and Virginia House of Delegates candidates Elizabeth Guzman, Cheryl Turpin, Lee Carter, and Kathy Tran.

Former Virginia Congressman Tom Perriello and Sister District Founder Rita Bosworth will share an insider's look at the crucial Virginia House of Delegates races and how Sister District is making a true impact on the outcome. Sister District co-founders Lala Wu, Gaby Goldstein, and Lyzz Schwegler will also be in attendance.

Republicans are only two states away from a constitutional convention. We can stop Trump and take our country back—but it starts at the state level. In 2017, that means Virginia!

6:00 PM to 7:00 PM: Private Reception with Tom and the SDP Co-Founders
$100 Donation

7:00PM to 8:30 PM: General Reception and Talk
$50 Donation

*address to be provided to responders one week before the event